HB's logo and one of their many slogans.

Haas-Bioroid is one of the four major Corporations in the Android Universe. The name is also used to refer to their headquarters on Heinlein.


With headquarters in New Angeles and major branch offices in Chicago, Cologne, Heinlein, Johannesburg, and Sydney, Haas-Bioroid is the world leader in cybernetics and artificial intelligence . The most iconic and recognizable products made by Haas-Bioroid are the bioroids themselves, androids built with cybernetic technology and with artificially-intelligent minds designed around sophisticated imaging of human brains.

Bioroids are a new technology but have already changed humanity forever. As android labor becomes cheaper and more widely available, ordinary humans, mostly in the lower class, find themselves unemployed and replaced by a bioroid or clone. Although bioroids are less controversial than the humanlike clones , they attract a good deal of vitriol, hatred, and even violence. 

The “labor solutions” market is controlled by Haas-Bioroid and their chief competitor, Jinteki . Both corporations have become enormously wealthy through their joint monopoly. Haas-Bioroid holds the patent on bioroids and most of the necessary technology for developing a proper artificial intelligence. 

They aggressively protect their patents and their market position through any legal means available–and, if certain alarmist watchdog organizations and fringe elements are to be believed, any illegal means available as well. In addition to the creation of artificially intelligent bioroids, Haas-Bioroid has been experimenting with specialized bioroids dedicated to network security and other tasks that are traditionally the role of software agents (so-called “weak” AI). Bioroids tasked for purely network usage have a proven ability to interact with the brains of users employing a neural interface, with occasionally lethal results. There are also some indications that these bioroids are less “well-adjusted” than others who possess a body and may interact with human beings in a more traditional manner. Haas-Bioroid denies any allegations that their software-purposed bioroids are unstable or have ever been implicated in the brain damage of human users. 

Haas-Bioroid prides itself on quality craftsmanship and superior design. In addition to bioroids, Haas-Bioroid and its subsidiaries produce commercial-grade and medical cybernetics, prosthetics, industrial robots and machinery, mindmachine interface devices, and consumer electronics.

Corporate AestheticEdit

With slogans like Engineering the Future, Engineered for Success and Better Together, Haas-Bioroid creates a deliberately futuristic image suggesting efficiency and progress. Additionally, several of Haas-Bioroid's programs and projects are named according to a Norse theme, such as Heimdall bioroid Ice, the Tyr's Hand server upgrade, and the Project Wotan man-machine interface system.

Known ProjectsEdit

  • Project Wotan 
  • Project Vitruvius (which may provide a more efficient system for accessing archived bioroid memories),
  • Project Ares that seeks to manufacture weaponized bioroids.
  • Mandatory Upgrades, enhancing employees with cyberware to improve productivity.
  • Accelerated Beta Tests for bioroids
  • Director Haas' Pet Project of the hour is always a priority.

Several conspiracy theorists argue that some of HB's bioroid servants are actually Domestic Sleeper agents, waiting for the right time to strike.

Known Employees And PropertyEdit




Known ProductsEdit

  • Eve line
  • Adonis line

Divisions Edit


  • Effective. Reliable. Humane.
  • A Different Breed of Machine.