The planet Mars has been extensively colonised in the Android universe, although it remains a dangerous frontier.

As the terraforming of Mars has progressed, the settlers have split into different clans, each laying claim to one of the major habitation domes on the planet. The clans identify their members by means of small tattoos near the eyes, and are currently locked in a civil war for control of the planet.

Fifteen years ago the war for Martian Independence ended with the Treaty of Heinlein, a copy of which is now displayed in the Heinlein Museum, inside Starport Kaguya. Many refugees of the war were forced to settle on Earth, due to the harsh nature of their homeland. The provisional Martian Government maintains an embassy in New Angeles. Many on both sides consider the war to be ongoing, or have unfinished business with the government or military of their enemy.

Sergeant Dejah Thoris was a major figure in the war and maintains a high political profile as a result.